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iTalkYou for Financial Services

Improve your customer communications

Work securely with customers and connect across departments, all on one communications platform.

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iTalkYou for Financial Services

iTalkYou solutions for financial services

Increase your business productivity

Drastically reduce travel costs with virtual meetings, recruiting and compliance training.

Maximize your resources

Utilize the resources and hardware you already have; expand your capabilities and customer offerings.

Expand customer services

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with real-time communications.
iTalkYou para Servicios Financieros

The changing scenario of customer service in banking and financial services: 3 key trends

Customers clearly understand their expectations of insurance and financial services.

No more 'on hold'
Consumers rate speed and efficiency of service as the most important service criteria.
Safety first
82% of customers were concerned about visiting their branch in person and 63% of respondents were now more willing to try digital applications.
73% of financial services customers would like banks and insurance companies to offer new forms of communication.
Innovation and Communication
Of customers have higher expectations of customer service after global pandemic covid-19

Customers with a negative experience often do not return.

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A secure option for banking communications

Banks have a lot on their plate when managing their business: managing high call volumes, customer satisfaction and, of course, making sure their customers’ private information remains private. That means it’s essential to have the best and most efficient business communications package on the market. Fortunately, iTalkYou has the features, customer benefits and phone plans to suit.

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iTalkYou has an internal telephony network that can connect iTalkYou customers to each other and, at the same time, handle outgoing/incoming calls that are not on the iTalkYou network.

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+250 Enterprises and Small Businesses already rely on iTalkYou’s services

Create a more organized way of working

Chat, share files and get your work done, organized your way.