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Click2Call is the feature that allows you to make a phone call from your computer. With Click2Call, you can talk to anyone in the world.


Increased conversions

Undoubtedly, Click2Call helps convert website traffic directly through phone calls, driving conversations with callers. An important aspect of Click2call is that it keeps calls long-lasting and informative to attract leads and increase retention rate.


Saving time

With Click2Call, calls are dynamically routed based on available agents. Calls can be routed to a specific contact or the system can choose the route when lines are busy. In this way, customers are not left waiting for a long time.


Leads Generation

With Click2Call's lead generation functionality, you can enable your visitors to become customers by inviting them to make a call and get resolutions for their inquiries. In addition, adding the click2call button to your PBX will help you improve the lead generation process.

The Evolution of Customer Service

The click to call button will increase the effectiveness of any web site as it represents a new way of relating with the visitor. It is no longer necessary to use the physical phone to call us. Now you can do it with a click on the website.

Nº800 | Phone service


Nº600 | Phone service


Callback | Phone service




iTalkYou Click2Call

Install the button on your website

It is very easy to use click2call when making a call. Install the application and add the Click2Call button to your phone system.


Wonderfully, with the Click2Call feature, you can easily customize the button and easily set up the call and callback. This way, you can easily step up and take your customer services to the next level and increase the productivity of your business.
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