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You have hardware or a lower-level cloud telephony system and want to upgrade, but you’re not sure what features your business needs.
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Because you are in the early stages of growth, you need the freedom to adjust plans quickly as the company grows.
Easy to use
It needs to be easy
Your new system needs to be easy to use so that you and your team can get straight to work serving customers and callers.
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Secure and collaborative

iTalkYou is a complete solution that provides your company with an all-in-one platform to take your internal and external communication to the next level.


Make and receive calls on all devices with a powerful cloud-based business phone system that keeps everyone within reach.


Maintain workflow between meetings with advanced messaging, secure file sharing that enables continuous teamwork.


Encourage more engaging meetings that minimize interruptions and allow everyone to participate equally.

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Companies choose iTalkYou because:

Make and receive calls over your Internet connection (VoIP), landline or mobile network. Your team will be able to use any device, including personal computers, to answer callers.

Never miss a call with iTalkYou on your mobile device. Our apps for iOS and Android offer HD audio, text messaging and more without eating up your battery. iTalkYou gives you the tools you need to stay connected.

Serve customers and callers no matter where you and your team work. Access iTalkYou from your desktop computer, web application or mobile app to get straight to work and keep your business running smoothly.

Hybrid Work

In the future, work will be performed in a hybrid way.

Focused on the work being performed, not the place where it is performed.

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Drives connected remote work

Make all collaborative experiences as safe, inclusive and engaging as face-to-face experiences.

The most valuable asset: your employees

Focus on the well-being of your employees by reducing burnout and facilitating stronger relationships from any location.

Manage everything in one place

Make hybrid work more efficient with simple, central administration, more comprehensive reporting and more.

+250 Enterprises and small businesses already trust in iTalkYou’s services

Create a more organized way of working

Chat, share files and get your work done, organized your way.