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Improves customer experience

Drive your business into the future.

Click to chat helps your brand in creating a personal connection with customers and making them your brand promoters.

Real-time chat monitoring
Monitor the performance of your frontline team in real-time. Agents can escalate the chat to supervisors or supervisors can directly enter the chat.
Know your customers
Collect customer information, or determine their interaction experience using a variety of custom surveys.
Automatic chat distribution
Connect the visitors with the appropriate agent using skill-based routing and ensure superior customer service.

The Evolution of Customer Service

The click to chat button will definitely increase the effectiveness of any website as it represents a new way to engage with the visitor. Drive more sales and offer an effortless customer experience with our Click2Chat button.

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It is very easy to use click2chat to start a conversation. Install the application and add the Click2Chat button to the web page.


Your agents can chat with visitors after they have asked a question or proactively initiate a chat using our live chat solutions.
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