Interactive Voice Response

Make interactions
easy with IVR and customer self-service

Calls forwarded

Quickly route calls to the specific department to resolve customer inquiries. Create multi-level IVR menus to answer calls from prospects, existing customers and connection requests.

Firts Call Resolution

Improve First Call Resolution with Prime IVR System

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Give customers and employees effortless experiences

Reduce your agents’ workload
Automate requests with self-service options that reduce your contact center’s workload. When interactions need a live agent, transfer context to provide quicker resolutions.
Eliminate disjointed conversations
Customers want a comfortable experience, whether it’s with a human or bot. Easily escalate with full conversation context so customers don’t have to repeat themselves.
Don’t make your customers wait
Consumers expect 24/7 support. With interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, customers can reach out how they want, when they want. And they’ll always receive personalized support.
Main Features

Benefits of implementing an IVR

Discover the benefits of implementing an IVR for your business or contact center.

Reduces operational costs
By reducing the number of human agents and receptionists required.
Solve problems faster
Customers are immediately directed to the sales team or department that can best answer their question.
Improves the company's image
It increases the competence of any business by increasing flexibility, simplifying processes and reducing costs, while improving customer satisfaction.

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