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Deliver a better patient and member experience and reduce costs with modern, secure cloud communications.

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Patient experience
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iTalkYou PX

Improve your patient experience

iTalkYou provides the tools and resources to securely care for your patients and members from anywhere in the world. In today’s environment it is more important than ever that your patients have access to your services regardless of external circumstances. Securely facilitate visits and appointments without sacrificing the security and privacy of your practice.


rates px as a high priority today


says it expects an increase in the budget for PX initiatives next year


satisfactory video call services


professionals expedited their appointments

Deliver world-class patient care with a unified care system.

Easily connect care teams and patients on-site or through telemedicine to improve access, reduce costs and create better experiences.
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Manage your clinic digitally

Offer all your healthcare professionals the option to consult via chat, call or video call and manage their patients from a single platform.
iTalkYou Health

The future of healthcare is here.

No matter the distance or the place
Enable doctors to meet with patients no matter where they are.
Improves staff communication
Connect clinical and administrative staff to improve communication and training.

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Create a more organized way to work

Chat, share files and get your work done, organized your way.