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iTalkYou Enterprise

iTalkYou Suite Created especially for hybrid work

Everything your business needs to work as a team, within the world’s first set of unified applications, created especially for hybrid work.

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Make and receive calls on all devices with a powerful cloud-based business phone system that keeps everyone within reach.

iTalkYou vs Traditional Telephony
Our solution

Traditional telephony


Encourage more engaging meetings that minimize interruptions and allow everyone to participate equally.

iTalkYou Suite

A set of applications. For all types of teamwork.

Designed for all work styles and budgets.

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Increase your sales
Savings in communications
Improve your customers' experience


Maintain workflow between meetings with advanced messaging, secure file sharing that enables continuous teamwork.

Results from day one


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Satisfied customers

iTalkYou Rooms

Leverage the power of new video meetings

Corporate Quality.

Integrated security, not improvised

Protect your teams’ data and privacy with enterprise-grade security built in from the start, not improvised.

Unified communications

Get combined information between meetings, messages, events and more to keep teams focused and engaged.

Simple administration

Coordinate your entire organization with comprehensive management through a single dashboard for all users, security and devices.
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We Help You Stay Connected

With your customers:

With your customers: With Virtual Numbers anywhere in the world your customers can communicate as if you were a local supplier With Virtual Meetings you will strengthen the relationship and facilitate the delivery of your message Increase the effectiveness of your web and communication using Click to Call or Click to Chat.

With your team members:

With Call Plans you will allow your employees to report from wherever they are, plus the ability to chat between extensions. Organize more productive work meetings with online collaboration tools.

+250 Enterprises and small businesses already trust in iTalkYou’s services

Modernize your company's communications with an easy-to-use cloud platform

Chat, share files and get your work done, organized your way.