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Whether you're connecting with friends, family, clients or colleagues, you can get more from your conversations with the latest iTalkYou calling features.

  • iTalkYou Calls | Extensions iTalkYou

    The extensions allow you to give other people access to your account paying the same.

    What are extensions?
    The extensions are additional accounts to your business that allows your team to use all the features of iTalkYou without an additional charge.

  • Click to Call | C2C

    Click to call allows you to receive calls of your visits from your website.

    ¿What is Click to Call?
    Click to Call or C2C is a functionality that allows you to receive calls from visits to your website directly to your smartphone or computer. It's only necessary to install the code of your account and you can be available for your clients whenever you want.

  • Virtual Number | DID

    A virtual number to receive local calls from any part of the world.

    ¿What is a DID?
    DID or Direct Inward Dialing is a virtual number associated with a PBX that allows you to have a local number (from anywhere in the world) to which your customers can talk to communicate with you.

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  • Virtual PBX Cloud

    A Cloud PBX allows you to manage incoming calls from your clients allowing you a better control of your communication.

    ¿What is Cloud PBX?
    Cloud PBX or Private Branch Exchange on the cloud is an iTalkYou functionality that allows you to manage incoming calls from your customers and thus provide a better service and attention to your customers.

  • Welcome Interactive Message | IVR

    The Interactive Voice Response allows you to play a voice message to users that connects with your PBX.

    ¿What is IVR?
    Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an iTalkYou functionality that allows you to play a voice message when your customers call your telephone exchange, allowing them to be addressed with the most appropriate extension for their communication needs.


Send virtually anyone a quick message. With text, video and photos, you can connect with those who matter, even when you don't have time for a call.

  • Web Chat

    The Web chat from iTalkYou allows you to monitor and chat with users who visit your website easy and fast.

    ¿What is a Web chat?
    A web chat is an iTalkYou functionality that allows you to have conversations with users that view your website through a simple and easy to use chat.


Take your conversations to a new level with iTalkYou video features.

  • Web Conference | Virtual Rooms

    The Video conferences they allow you to have video meetings with one or more people to improve your presentations and close more deals.

    ¿What is video conference?
    A video conference o virtual room is an iTalkYou functionality that allows you to keep a meeting with people located in other places through video and audio.

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